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NameMindstorms NXT
Available Urbi version1.5.1 (deprecated), 2.1
Short descriptionLego Mindstorms NXT is a programmable robotics kit released by Lego in July 2006, replacing the first-generation LEGO Mindstorms kit.
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Lego Mindstorms NXT is a programmable robotics kit released by Lego in July 2006, replacing the first-generation LEGO Mindstorms kit. The kit consists of 519 Technic pieces, 3 servo motors, 4 sensors (ultrasonic, sound, touch, and light), 7 connection cables, a USB interface cable, and the NXT Intelligent Brick.

What Urbi can do for your NXT robot

  • Test quickly and benchmark the different sensors and motors
  • Experiment the behavior of new mechanical construction through console.
  • Remote control from a computer through autonomous urbiscript program.
  • Gateway for your own computer program in any network-able language

Urbi projects using this robot

NXT Tower Defense - The winner of the Urbi Open Source Contest!

Urbi documentation

There is a Gostai forum dedicated to Urbi for Lego Mindstorms NXT.

Download Urbi for this robot

  1. Download and Install Urbi 2.1 compiled with Windows x86 vcxx2008
  2. Download and Uncompress NXT for Urbi
  3. Follow instruction of Install.txt

NB: This package contains binaries for Windows, and the sources if you want to use it on other platforms.

NB: It is not any more required to compile the NXT driver to use bluetooth connection. Consequently BT is the easiest way, USB needs to change the Lego driver by a specific one.

NB: It is required that you have installed Windows XP SP2 and that you use the default bluetooth driver. Other drivers (example: Widcomm) may cause problems.

  • Detailed instructions (in french) for USB are available here.
  • Detailed instructions (in french) for BT are available here.

Previous versions:

Configuration for your robot

Once you have run the first example using Tribot NXT model, you may customize your Urbi scripts with the configuration of sensors and motors in your own Lego model.

This configuration is achieved through the file "global.u" that contains a reference to the NXT Urbi libraries and additional files that you want to be loaded when the Urbi server starts.

One of these files in reference must describe the configuration of your robot with definition of global variables that are quickly accessed within your scripts: claw, wheels, eyes, ears are simpler to understand than"A") or SoundSensor(1,"DBA").

  • Example of configuration (in french) is available here.

Examples for Urbi 1.5.1

How to start URBI for Lego Mindstorms, and a quick review of important files. Duration: 2min 30'

This tutorial explain how to define and control a simple motor with URBI for LEGO MINDSTORMS, introducing some advanced motor control features available in URBI. Duration: 6min 30

This is a practical tutorial based on the LEGO MINDSTORMS TriBot model. You will review the most commonly used features of URBI and be ready to start using URBI for more advanced programming. Duration: 8min

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