Qt 4 Urbi


Qt for Urbi is a binding of the Qt library in Urbi, enabling you to create native graphical interfaces dynamically directly from Urbi. It exposes urbiscript events to ease the use of Qt signals and slots.

Short example:

var button ="Hi");;
at (button.clicked?)

A detailed documentation is available in each package.

Version numbers

Major and minor version numbers of the Qt for Urbi packages reflects the Urbi SDK version number they were built for. Loading it in an other version of the Urbi kernel probably won't work. That is, for instance, Qt for Urbi 2.4.x will only work with Urbi SDK 2.4.y.


Qt for Urbi 2.4

Download page

This first release is still a bit experimental. Only the linux 32bits version is available, and not all class/members are bound yet. It is still usable though, as the included whack-a-mole example demonstrates.

  • Release date: November 15, 2010
  • Urbi SDK version: 2.4
  • Qt framework version: 4.7
  • Supported platforms:
    • Linux x86