Urbi Open Source Contest Projects

AstroneoView544Mechatronix project: Universal Human-Machine interface (Not only graphic user Interface) based on Urbi Technology for any Robotic or Mechatronic systems.
noonvView366I want to write UObject to drive Arduino-compatible controllers ( and Arduino-based robots from URBI
2-highView263NXT Tower Defense is a system that lets you build, develop and play with your own robot. This robot is designed with Lego Mindstorm NXT URBI for hardware and uses URBI, Qt and Opencv for the software. This means that this robot can be used by anyone who has some knowledge of development - and Lego :-)- and the desire to learn about robotics and especially URBI.
ZappadocView231manage USB Shiftlights and controllers devices that can be used with racing car simulator or Logitech G25 Steering wheel and F1 simulator software like rFactor.
xbtView233Développement d'un "robot" administrateur système communicant
kecsapView198URBI 2 port for AIBO: Make the URBI 2 sources AIBO compatible; Make the URBI 2 sources gcc 3.x compatible; Port the old URBI scripts and other stuff to URBI 2; Various AIBO toolchain hacking; Port my own project AiBO+ to URBI 2 if there is enough time
AlexKChinView156Control Arduino-based robo platform by wireless channel. Transfer all smart functions to URBI server. Implement case: robo platform has only function transmit data to URBI from sensors and recieve data for moving. Ex: line tracking.
stiop2View114Réalisation d'un robot drone de surveillance.