Urbi SDK Documentation

Urbi 2.x (latest release)

The documentation comes in several flavors: a single PDF file or a set of HTML pages.

Getting Started
Hands on!
urbiscript Tutorial
How to program in urbiscript, from the basis up to concurrent and event-based programming.
A useful starting point.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions about Urbi, UObjects, and urbiscript.
Urbi Reference Manual
Specifications, for advanced users: Urbi programs, UObjects, urbiscript, urbiscript library...
UObject Manual
The Urbi architecture: core components, middleware, UObjects (C++ components)...
urbiscript Reference Manual
The specifications of urbiscript: a definition of the language.
urbiscript Library
The predefined urbiscript objects and methods.
Release Notes
User-visible changes in Urbi releases.
Specific Urbi features for some of the platforms it was ported to: Bioloid, Mindstorm NXT, Nao, Pioneer 3-DX, ROS, Segway RMP, Spykee, Webots.
See also Robots for information about other environments on which Urbi was ported.

Previous releases

The documentation for the previous releases are still available. Just browse the corresponding doc/ directory of the following releases, or go directly to the documentation you are interested in.