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What is Urbi?

Urbi is an open-source software platform to control robots or complex systems in general. It includes a C++ component library called UObject that comes with a robot standard API to describe motors, sensors and algorithms. Next to UObject, you can use the urbiscript orchestration script language to glue the components together and describe high level behaviors, a bit like python or LUA, but with embedded parallel and event-driven semantics to make the job easier.

The goal of Urbi is to help making robots compatible, and simplify the process of writing programs and behaviors for those robots. The range of potential applications of Urbi goes beyond robotics, since it has been successfully used in generic complex systems, where parallel and event-driven orchestration on multiple agents is the rule.

The latest versions of Urbi 2.x integrate support for Willow Garage's ROS. You can now use both systems together and benefit from the best of both worlds!

Urbi is open-source with a BSD license. You can go to the Downloads section to get Urbi source code.


Urbiforge is the place where you can exchange ideas and programs through the forum, show your project, get tutorials and documentation, download Urbi and some of the existing ready-to-use modules.

We're looking forward to your feedback, and seeing the amazing projects you are working on!

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